Win Macbook Air 13 Giveaway!

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With busy and hectic schedules, workers and students are forced to have a high-end device to help support their daily productive life. The problem is not everyone can afford these high-end devices that we see on the market today.
If you've wanted one, you're in luck because you've come to the right place to win one for free!
Marikafranz is giving away a rose gold MacBook for one lucky winner who can complete the registration today.
Participating in this contest is relatively easy since participants only need to sign in to their Instagram account and follow the promoter @exclu_management on Instagram and all the following accounts on their following list. Once you've followed the main promotor, go ahead and tag a friend in the comments section who would want to win this incredible prize!
Share the competition post on your Instagram Story and like at least three of the uploaded pictures on their feed for an extra entry bonus!
pretty easy, isn't it?

This contest is closed
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Win Macbook Air 13 Giveaway! is a contest organised by Marikafranz. Total value of the giveaway is $1,200 which will go to just one lucky winner. Nobody could ever refuse this wonderful chance to win a free Macbook! Aside from the wonderful gift offer, this contest also offers one of the simplest registration processes, making it one of the must-enter giveaway contests you should participate in right now.
While the chance of winning this prize is pretty slim, nevertheless this is still a fun contest to enter!

Terms by Marikafranz

Terms and Conditions:
This contest ends on 29th June 2022
Private accounts have to send a screenshot to @exclu_management to prove you are following all the recommended accounts