Enter to Win $500 Cash and $100,000 Challenge Account Giveaway by Forex Prop Firm

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An international giveaway is currently underway, offering participants a chance to win enticing prizes including $500 in cash and four $25,000 Challenge Accounts. Organized by Forex Prop Firm, the giveaway is open worldwide through a designated online platform, with the top five participants accruing the most points emerging as winners. Eligibility criteria apply, excluding certain individuals such as employees and immediate family members of the sponsoring entity. By entering, contestants agree to abide by the rules and decisions outlined by the Sponsor, with the entry period running from April 2, 2024, to April 30, 2024. Entrants must adhere to the specified guidelines and may be disqualified if found in violation. The prizes, totaling $100,000 in value, will be awarded to selected winners based on their performance and compliance with entry requirements.

This contest is closed
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Forex Prop Firm
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Enter to Win $500 Cash and $100,000 Challenge Account Giveaway by Forex Prop Firm is a contest with a prize given out by Forex Prop Firm. 5 winners share a total prizepool of $709. The international giveaway hosted by Forex Prop Firm offers an exciting opportunity for participants to potentially win substantial prizes, including $500 in cash and four $25,000 Challenge Accounts. The inclusion of both monetary rewards and investment opportunities adds depth and appeal to the giveaway. The eligibility criteria are clearly outlined, ensuring fairness in the selection process. The entry period allows ample time for interested individuals to participate, and the online submission process is straightforward. However, it's worth noting that entrants must carefully follow the rules to avoid disqualification, which may pose a challenge for some. Overall, this giveaway presents a promising chance for individuals to benefit financially and engage with a reputable firm in the financial sector.

Terms by Forex Prop Firm

The Top 5 participants Collecting the Most Points will be the winners.