Win Xbox Series X or $500 Giveaway

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We have fantastic giveaway news for you, and we are pretty sure you don’t want to miss this one! 
Compete is running a fantastic giveaway lucky draw for two lucky winners, and they will be getting some serious prizes, as we will mention below. The first winner of this giveaway lucky draw will receive an X-box series, while the second winner will receive $500 in fresh cash. Imagine how much fun this Christmas is going to be with your new X-box and some extra free cash. With this giveaway, gamers should be excited because the prize is a brand new XBox, which is known for its remarkable graphics that will give you the impression that you actually live in the real world. Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Win these fabulous free gifts today by participating in this IMX BEAST giveaway. Click the link below to enter!

This contest is closed
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Win Xbox Series X or $500 Giveaway is a competition with a giveaway from Compete. There will be 2 lucky winners to share the prizes worth $1200. Why would we want you to join this giveaway lucky draw?
Owning a new X-box is never been this easy! You only need to submit some valid data such as your name and email to be eligible to enter and win this giveaway lucky draw. Pretty simple isn’t it? Think about how fun it’s gonna be spending time with your friends and family with your newest X-box during this holiday season!

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No purchase is necessary to enter this giveaway lucky draw. This giveaway is open to those who sign up in the giveaway and also ships internationally unless prohibited by law.
Entrants have to be 13 years of age or older to be eligible to participate in this giveaway lucky draw. The competition must be entered by submitting an entry using the online form provided on this site.
The winner will be selected by random draw and under the supervision of the sponsor. Employees, interns, officers, directors, agents of the sponsor, and anyone living in the same household as those we mentioned above are not eligible to enter this giveaway.