Win Professional Makeup Brush Set to Help You Create the Perfect Look!

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Achieve more coverage look with your foundation today by winning these fantastic brushes from @ivankasabo!
No more worries about messy and unblinded face foundations because the soft bristles in these brushes will help you get a more natural and flawless look. You can win these fluffy brushes easily by following the giveaway's promoter at @ivankasabo. Give likes to the promoter's last two posts on Instagram then, tag one of your best friends to join this contest. Last but not least, share this post on your IG Story for more entries, and don't forget to tag @ivankasabo so she would be aware of your participation.
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This contest is closed
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Win Professional Makeup Brush Set to Help You Create the Perfect Look! is a contest organised by Ivankasabo. Total value of the giveaway is $130 which will go to just one lucky winner. These long fluffy brushes would be the right prize for any cosmoholic out there. Made by soft bristles. You don't need to make any purchase or make extra efforts to win these fantastic brushes. Simply grab your smartphone now and like and share the giveaway's post to get your entry. Sounds easy, right?

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