Win Handmade White Beads Necklace to Complete Your Look

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This is your golden opportunity to win this handmade necklace by @apricitybc. This exquisite necklace made of beautiful white beads is suitable for women of any age to help compliment their looks. To win this lovely white beads necklace, participants are only required to follow @apricitybyc & @fchskjl and like the giveaway feed posted by the promoter. Don't forget to tag one of your best friends who you think would love to join this giveaway contest. You can tag or mention as many people as you know to increase your odds of winning.
A bonus tip on winning this giveaway, you may consider sharing the giveaway's information on your IG Story and tag the promoter for extra chances of winning!
If not here, then where else you can get a chance to win this beautiful costume-made necklace??

This contest is closed
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Apricitybc and Fchskjl
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Win Handmade White Beads Necklace to Complete Your Look is a contest organised by Apricitybc and Fchskjl. Value of the giveaway is $15 which will go to just one lucky contest winner. If you are into jewelry so much, you won't waste your chance of winning this beautiful white bead necklace! You don't need to do any type of purchase since this giveaway contest costs no money, which means it's absolutely FREE! The chance of winning this beautiful handmade necklace by @apricitybyc and @fchskjl is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Terms by Apricitybc and Fchskjl

Terms and Conditions
The winner will be selected and contacted by the promoter on April 4th 2022.
Private accounts may join this contest but need extra effort by sending a screenshot through DM to the promoters.