Win Crystal Healing Stones for Better Mental Wellness

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Crystallinebylilly generously offered to gift one lucky person out there with their beautiful rock crystals.
If you are still unfamiliar with rock crystals, these rocks are not just for decoration in your living room. They are also believed to have some health properties that can help to promote general well-being. To participate and win these fantastic crystal rocks, you only need to visit @crystallinebylilly on Instagram and tag two different friends in the comment section. Next, share the giveaway's post on your IG Story, and do not forget to tag the promoter so they would get notified of your participation.
The crystal box you can win in this giveaway contains; -a clear quartz tower, red jasper tower, tree agate tower, red jasper turtle, unakite owl, raw citrine, amethyst sphere, clear quartz pyramid.

This contest is closed
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Win Crystal Healing Stones for Better Mental Wellness is a competition with a giveaway from Crystallinebylilly. One winner will receive the prize worth $1,328. Renews your energy and transform your overall well-being with these crystal rocks offered by @crystallinebylilly.
You have a good chance of winning these healing crystals if you make your first entry today. If you are seeking something to boost your mood or simply looking to get much better sleep, then this giveaway contest is worth trying since you don't need to spend any extra cost or effort to win these prizes!

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The winner of this competition will be announced on April 5th, 2022
Winners outside of the United Kingdom will be responsible for the prize shipping cost.