Win Bali Fitness Retreats for Two + $1000 Cash Giveaway

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Do you need a getaway from your routine? When is the last time you were going on holiday? Take your shot at this wonderful giveaway!
TWL x Wanderlust is giving away a Bali Fitness Retreats for Two and $1,000 cash giveaway! It's your chance to have seven days of stay in the luxurious 5 stars Wanderlust Village with beautiful views of beaches in Canggu. You'll also have an exciting fitness program at Bali's largest elite training center and CrossFit Wanderlust. It will be an epic adventure and relaxing experience to create memories with your partner.
Now, you must be wondering how to join this giveaway. Pretty easy! You only need to do some easy tasks instructed in the giveaway link. The winner will be drawn randomly and announced on Instagram. Good luck!

This contest is closed
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TWL x Wanderlust
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Win Bali Fitness Retreats for Two + $1000 Cash Giveaway is a competition with a prize from TWL x Wanderlust. Value of the giveaway is $2,500 which will go to just one lucky contest winner. This a sensational giveaway with an appealing prize. Seven days of fitness program and stay in the 5 stars accommodation in the island of God - Bali will be an unforgettable experience for the winners. It's pretty easy to join this giveaway. You only need to complete 3 tasks instructed in the giveaway link. It will be a big miss not participating in the withdrawal.

Terms by TWL x Wanderlust

Terms and Conditions:
The winner will be drawn on the 1st of December 2022.
The winners are responsible for making their own way to and from their local airport.
$1000USD will be transferred to the winner's bank account.
The prize cannot be transferred to another person in lieu of the winner if the winner is not being able to travel.